Stark Log

Stark Log

Stark Log has been transformed from Omida Nordic, a brand of Omida S.A. which was established in 2011. It consists of a team of highly qualified road transport workers within the geographical specialization in the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the Baltic States. Omida Nordic's offer is focused on both FTL and LTL full truck loads, thanks to the regular groupage line and warehouse and distribution facilities. In addition, its range of services offers oversize and express transport as part of dedicated transport. Omida Nordic provides the organization of customs clearance and professional advice.






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shipments per year
LTL full truck load

As part of the territorial specialization, Stark Log offers daily connections to / from Poland and neighboring countries, as well as cabotage transport in a given country and between the Nordic countries. Based on a multi-functional and fully equipped fleet, it carries out various cargo groups. Stark Log focuses on the safety of entrusted loads, which is why the entire fleet has 24-hour vehicle monitoring. In order to meet customers' requirements for transport solutions.

Groupage transport

As part of road transport of general cargo and partial loads, Stark Log has a fixed export and import line with the Nordic and Baltic countries, offering regular and direct deliveries according to customer needs. The LTL service is provided based on the national distribution network, transhipment warehouses and appropriately adapted rolling stock.

Ferry Crosses

The main component of transport within the Nordic countries are ferry crossings. Stark Log, thanks to many years of cooperation with shipowners and ferry agents, has permanent ferry places that guarantee delivery on time. Stark Log's relationships with selected suppliers are characterized by long-term and trustful cooperation with an emphasis on efficiency, quality, flexibility and cost development to the benefit of both parties.


Stark Log offers its clients express dedicated transport based on a properly selected means of transport in the event that smaller cargo units of our clients require immediate delivery, or when the specificity of the cargo does not allow it to be combined with other cargo groups or there are tonnage restrictions at the places of collection and delivery goods.

Over Size

Stark Log offers a full range of services related to oversize transport in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Organizing the transport of a Project Cargo order requires extreme diligence in planning the route, as well as knowledge of the conditions resulting from the specificity of the cargo. Taking into account the size and type of goods, a team of specialists selects a transport unit that safely and efficiently delivered the shipment to its destination.


Stark Log has warehouse facilities where consolidation activities are carried out to implement the groupage line. The main reloading HUB is located in Toruń, while supporting warehouses are located in Warsaw, Gdynia and Szczecin. As part of the warehousing service, Stark Log provides the possibility of distribution, storage, reloading, repackaging of goods and other additional logistic services.


The Stark Log team provides comprehensive customer service in terms of advisory, documentation, operational and after-sales based on the developed standards of cooperation with a Nordic client. The key element of the activity is having qualified staff who, thanks to their professional knowledge, tools and experience, can help at every stage of the logistics process. Stark Log uses inquiry forms, thanks to which the customer can easily price the transport, and a team of specialists will propose the best solutions to optimize transport in terms of costs, delivery time and other important elements, with the development of alternative solutions -


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