Omida Logistics

Omida Logistics

Road transport leader in Poland and Europe. Omida Logistics is a brand that is part of the OMIDA S.A. group. established in 2010. Our structure consists of 17 branches throughout Poland, represents over 200 forwarders and a network of several hundred carriers in the country and Europe. We have been implementing the strategy of dynamic development for 10 years.






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Transport FTL

Full Truck Load Transport - FTL Omida is a service dedicated to customers who have a larger number of loads filling the entire cargo space. Thanks to this, they gain the possibility to choose the most profitable route and preferential freight rates.

Transport LTL

Omida LTL service is dedicated to customers who want to organize the delivery of individual loads. The experience of shippers allows for efficient management of the customer's supply chain.

Door to door

DOOR to DOOR service provides security and guarantees that a dedicated forwarder will take care of the shipment and will be responsible for every stage of its transport, from how many reloads will be on the route.

Just In Time

A product for a customer for whom delivery time is the most important. JUST IN TIME allows you to design the supply chain in accordance with the customer's preferences. As part of the service, the customer's goods are delivered on a specific date - directly to the production line. A dedicated service for customers who want to reduce their inventory levels, reduce storage costs and increase their return on investment.

Fresh & Frozen

We can provide professional 24 hour service for very demanding customers, Team leader and freight forwarder are assigned to each customer. We can deliver to any region of Europe, our departments specialize in transporting all types of product, frozen and fresh. Trucks with controlled temperature, doubble door for 66 pallets, thermographs, SBS, pallet exchange, ADR. Full Truck Loads and LTL with several pick up and delivery locations.


#YourPalette is a product dedicated to customers who want to send groupage shipments on the route Poland-Spain, Spain-Poland. The online form allows you to quickly value a shipment by a dedicated team specializing in transport in this field


Marek Rostkowski

Since 2002, he has been associated with the TSL industry. A graduate of the MBA studies at the WSB University in Gdańsk. Co-founder and President of Omida S.A. He is motivated by successive successes. He believes that an important element in the development of every human being is the possibility of self-improvement, which is why he is a mentor at the Columbus Foundation and the Grade high school youth development program. As the head of the Omida Group, he supports activities for the development of employee competences and integration. Involved in many local initiatives. He is guided by the motto that "by learning and applying the acquired knowledge, you can solve any problem, overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal you set for yourself."

Bartłomiej Glinka

A graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdańsk. He graduated with a master's degree in maritime trade. A graduate of MBA studies at the Gdańsk School of Banking. Member of the Council of Experts of the University of Gdańsk. He has been associated with the TSL industry for over 20 years. Since 2010, he has successfully managed a group of Omida S.A. companies, a Pomeranian TSL industry leader employing over 500 employees.


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