BPO Champions

BPO Champions

Business Process Outsourcing is modern business services dedicated to companies that want to become leaders in their industry. Thanks to the experience gained during the service of entities from the Omida Group, a company providing business process outsourcing services - BPO Champions - was established. The transition to the outsourcing model allows you to reduce administrative costs, accelerate the growth rate and improve the profitability of the company. As part of the cooperation, BPO Champions offers accounting services, business consulting and restructuring, HR and payroll administration, improvement of document flow and IT services. BPO specialists for clients gain savings of 10 to 30% of the annual costs of process management. BPO bears full responsibility for the processes carried out for the client, thanks to which the company can focus on areas of activity that are key for its development, such as production, sales, and acquiring new markets.

Process Outsourcing

BPO Champions offers customers to switch to electronic document flow - without the risk of loss, damage or overlooking. In this way, we reduce costs, speed up work and eliminate the possibility of making a mistake.


BPO Champions offers clients a transition to electronic document workflow - without the risk of loss, destruction or overlooking. In this way, we speed up work and eliminate the possibility of making a mistake.

Accounting services

BPO takes over the entire accounting service of the company. The outsourcing includes reporting and statutory reporting, ongoing accounting and tax services, accounting consultancy and settlements. Our model offers high quality of service and lower costs while maintaining all procedures and compliance with regulations.

Payroll Administration

The security of personal data and the speed and efficiency of handling a large number of completed documents is a task that BPO offers to its clients as part of HR and payroll services. This allows you to optimize the cost of this process while maintaining all procedures and compliance with regulations.

Business consulting and restructuring

BPO Champions helps you optimize costs and build winning development strategies. It supports the comprehensive restructuring of companies. Every step is important in restructuring. Based on a thorough analysis, we create a restructuring plan, which is the basis for transforming the company and repairing the financial situation.


Thanks to IT tools offered by BPO Champions and implementation assistance, the client gains investment certainty and the right direction of the company's development.

Dariusz Brzeziński

Since 1991 involved in finance. For the last several years he has sat on managerial positions and was a Member of the Management Board in leading companies of professional, consulting, IT and investment services. Has over twenty-five years of experience in implementing strategic projects, development of business process outsourcing services and in the field of corporate finance for both start-ups and companies in the SME sector as well as for large Polish companies and international corporations, including from the Fortune 500 list.


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